Rise of the Ginger Halflings – Part 2 (June)

It’s time to get this red show on the road. I discussed my colour scheme etc in part 1 here

My first two paint items are coming out of the Mantic Mega Army Halfling box. First things first I wanted to get a unit of infantry to get some unlocks going down. I believe that one of the best units in the army are the braves. Therefore I am going to paint up enough to make a regiment at PMC, or should I do MMC. What’s more acceptable do you think?

Just jokes. I don’t give a damn what you think, but I have done PMC anyway. If I fit them on I fit them on

Yes I am aware these aren’t fantastic pictures. Thank you for pointing that out. These were a real pleasure to paint. I love the character on the models.

As I mentioned in Part 1 I was using the new Army Painter quick paints. It went on so easily. Looking back now there a couple of tiny white spots. What I am not sure about is is this where paint slid off when I was painting or has it flaked off after the fact? I will have to keep an eye on this in the future.

One thing I haven’t enjoyed is not being able to build more of these hand weapon and shield guys. I even have a couple with one arm, but I guess that’s what makes them “Brave” right?

Next up is the Iron Beast, for no other reason than I wanted to.

Now this is a cracking model and quite simple to paint. As many of you may be aware none of the brands of quick paints to metallics. This is army painter’s grey highlighted with Vallejo silver and I think it has come up reasonably well. The pink is probably not quite as bright as I’d like but that is partly the lighting also.

The iron beast really lend itself to the quick paints as the detail is just the right level. The larger flat areas aren’t that large or flat so it goes on quite well. A quick highlight also helps break this up.

Anyway this is what I completed this month, obviously no basing yet but it ill get there

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