Rise of the Ginger Halflings – Part 1

Well it’s June and it’s the start of the Counter Charge Mantic Army Challenge. If you don’t know about the challenge listen to what we are doing by clicking here and downloading.

I have chosen to start getting the halflings going and what I am starting with is the Halfling Mega Army Box available from Mantic Games here.

For you regular listeners you will know that I am very lucky to have accessible child labour to do my assembling, so I have the whole box assembled and ready to go!

What I Like:

I really love the character of the halfling models. The faces are detailed enough to see expressions but not so detailed or small making them too difficult to paint. I really like that there are options for 3 of the four main infantry types, namely braves, spears and rifles.

I don’t mind the mixed sprue of cav and infantry although I do feel the split is slightly off for the current ruleset with the cavalry not being my first choice unit. However you never know how this may change with future rules updates.

I love the halfling iron beast. such a great model, mind came in a perfect single piece (reportedly related to the league of infamy kickstarter) and it has a lot of character with the two chefs on top. I’m looking forward to painting that one.

The characters. The sauceror, greedy guts, feast master and engineer are all cool.

What I dislike:

Not enough options to build your units in the majority one way. For example I would’ve loved half of the 60 to be braves but I can’t do that.

No mounted characters. With the amount of mounted options in the box I would’ve loved a mounted character option.

The thick terrain piece like attachment point on the cavalry. At this point it’s well known that a major drawing point is the visual appear of multibasing. Having the thick attachment pieces to go on the base is overall less appealing and requires some work around on your basing.

How am I going to about painting these bad boys and girls?

Well for starters I purchased myself the new speed paints complete set from army painter which I reckon is pretty good value. Check it out here

My main base colours are going to be:

  • Hive Dweller Purple for pants
  • Purple Alchemy (tends towards pink) for shirts
  • Dark Wood for wood
  • Hardened Leather for light armer and boots etc
  • Crusader Skin for skin
  • Fire giant orange for hair

I will then highlight up with vallejo paints with a quick highlight. Going on the model the purple alchemy does still have a lot of purple tone so it really needs the highlight to make it pink.

Below is a quick test which the quickshade paints made super easy to test with.

Bases I will be doing quite bare but using some resin multibase pieces. I’ll save that for a later blog!

Hope you enjoyed.


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