How Do Rankings Work?

“If it wasn’t for the rankings I wouldn’t enjoy competitive play anywhere near as much. My favourite part of the game” – Michael Clarke, well-seasoned wargamer 


The rankings represent a years worth of tournament results for players across the country, they are meant both as a matter of ridiculous pride but also form part of qualification for the Kings of War Australian Masters for those whom are interested. 


The Rankings/Masters committee holds a member from each state with a competitive scene that nominated. The role of this group is to decide the guidelines around rankings and the how Masters will function. These members currently are: 


  • Non-voting chair: Matt Croger 

  • NSW: Nick Legrand 

  • ACT: Nick Prosser 

  • QLD: Luke Schafer 

  • SA: Lance Holden 

  • VIC: Andrew Goodman 

  • WA: No nominated representative from scene 

  • NT: No known scene 

  • TAS:  No known scene 


Currently to qualify a tournament must have a minimum of 8 players and a minimum of 3 games. 

Your rankings score is calculated based off your BEST THREE scores from events you have attended. The score for each event is calculated off a formula. Credit for our version of the formula must be given to the UK scene, you can see their discussion here.  


  • One day event with 4 games max score = (number of players) + 60  

  • One day event with 3 games max score = (number of players) + 60 – 5 

  • Two day event = (number of players) + 70 


Number of players for scoring purposes is always capped at 30. 

The player who wins the event achieves the maximum score and the scoring increment for subsequent players is determined by dividing the max score by the number of players who actually attended. 


For AMBUSH tournaments there must be a minimum of 5 games and these will also attract the -5 modifier.


Ambush max score regardless of days = (number of players) + 60 – 5 



Here is an example of how it may look for the top ten in events of varying numbers:

How does Masters work? 

This is a work in progress for the committee and currently involves a mix of auto-qualifying from major events and the rankings. How the event will be run from 2023 decided shortly. 

Each state/territory with a competitive scene is allowed one auto qualifying event, approved by the committee. It MUST have a minimum of 12 players, 4 games and be a minimum of 1995 points. The idea is to not make this too hard to achieve for growing scenes to promote inclusiveness. 


The current auto-qualifying events are: 

ACT: Clash of Kings Australia 

NSW: Castle Assault 

QLD: Briscon 



Winning one of these events gains you entry to the Masters. HOWEVER you still have to attend 3 events in the year, it just means your other results don’t matter. If the winner of one of these events has already auto-qualified, it is passed down to the next ranked player in that event.


The previous year’s Master also auto-qualifies.