Let’s do a Nationwide Slow Grow

Do you want to win a $500 Mantic Voucher? Well read on! Credits to Mat Sellick for our video!


We want to see the game of Kings of War keep growing in Australia. It is a rule set that is only getting better and we want to see buying and playing with Mantic armies reflect that! Especially as their quality continues to increase. This is an effort driven by passionate community members NOT by Mantic.

Check out the PDF document here


February 1 2023 – October 31 2023


Build a 2300 point Mantic Army – greater than 90% Mantic based on model count using army criteria from Clash of Kings Australia – can check the pack out here. Conversions will count if a substantial/key portion of the model is Mantic based

For 2024 Clash of Kings Australia will be changed to 2300 points to allow you to bring it along


Major Prize: $500AUD Mantic Voucher – Drawn by Raffle

Monthly Prize: a resin printed themed piece of terrain or multi basing kit to match your slow grow army posted to you – drawn by raffle

Best army – voted by you from armies that match the Clash criteria and are completed within the time frame. Voted on Facebook. Your army photos will be displayed as banner images and a stand along page on the Kings of War Australia website and you will get a tabled of themed terrain

How to Participate

      1. Be living and gaming in Australia
      2. Follow posts on KoW Australia Facebook page created by Matt, there will be one each week – each week you post progress you get one entry
      3. Each unit completed (painted and based) gets a bonus entry. An individual character can count (max 4 for points)
      4. Hordes of infantry get a bonus entry
      5. Completed unit at PMC gets another bonus entry (in addition to completed unit bonus)
      6. If you do full model account you will get 2 bonus entries (instead of one)
      7. Finish 1000 points by June 14 and get 3 extra entries
      8. Finish 2300 by the end date and get 5 extra entries. The 2300 must be a playable legal force
      9. Each month a random draw will occur for the monthly prize (cannot win twice)
    For those of you non-Facebook users you can always contact by the website but at the moment Facebook remains the most popular communication platform and as a volunteer project I won’t be extending entries to submission via other platforms.

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