Masters for 2024

Australian Masters 2024

Thanks to all who participated in the Masters survey.

The committee has taken on board
feedback from here and from the states reps and are pleased to announce the following.

Masters for this year will again target 16 players. The updated qualification process may result
in a larger Masters field. Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible while keeping the Masters
competitive. Again we will run the side event Rising at the same time.

Where: Canberra Technology Park
When: 8/9 November
Event: 5 games, 2300 pts, 16+players, includes a team award
Side event: 5 games, 2300 pts
– Guaranteed invitation to:
– Top 10 ranked players
– ‘Auto-qualifier’ winners
– Previous Master
– 3 places minimum available to each main state (NSW, Vic, QLD, ACT)

Qualification breakdown:
– Minimum 3 events played to be able to qualify
– Top 10 on rankings receive an invite
– The defending master receives an invite (if not already in top 10), no 3-event minimum
– Winners of an auto qualifier (Clash of Kings, BrisCon, Convic, and NSW event TBD)
receive an invite (if not already in top 10). Winner only, no pass-downs
– Each state (NSW, Vic, QLD, ACT) not represented by at least 3 then fills out to 3 players
based on rankings within the top 20. There may be 2 ‘pass-downs’ per state, after which
the Masters Council will vote internally on how to fill spots as fairly as possible.
– Should an additional player be required to avoid a bye the Council will select an
additional player
– If the Masters Council issues a discretionary invitation, the 3 game minimum is waived
– In the case that a player outside the competing states qualifies or is selected, they will
form and represent ‘The Rest’ team.

Teams event:
– Team winner is determined by the highest weighted average total score for each state.
– Some teams may have more than 3 players. The weighted average will count all players
in the team, but the more players the higher the weighting.

Other important changes:
– The committee has decided that hosting of the Masters shall rotate between the states.
Primarily hosted in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney, with the plan to include
other states when their scene grows to support. In 2025 the Masters will be held in

– The committee will also formalise the masters committee process to streamline things in
future years. The intent will be to receive feedback following the Masters event and
announce any changes for the next year before Clash of Kings.