Dave’s halfling hobby challenge

Hey Dave here again,

With all this hobby talk going around I figured it was about time I ticketed off one of my long-time goals, blog a hobby project. So I figure I’ll aim for monthly update of how the project is coming along, what I’m working on and what I’ve managed to complete. It coincides really well with counter charge’s all mantic army challenge however I managed to start a little early, but lucky (or not for me) I have a bucket load of minis to paint.

You can check out the hobby challenge on the Counter Charge Facebook page.

Since really falling in love with kings, I’ve been wanted to do an all-mantic army and when I first heard mantic were releasing halflings I knew I was all in.

( actual footage of me, when i saw mantic’s halfling release)

So what’s my plan?

I’m running with the rule of 2, which is buy 2 boxes of everything. And I’ve come close to that.

I want options once my army is complete so I’m looking for around 3000pts before I’m calling it done. I’ve been testing pretty heavily with Matt Croger and some other friends over UB2 and I think I’ll go with the following options to start

– 5 regiments of braves/spikes ( I’ve modelled up more spears then hand weapons as I like the spear look, however I’ll most likely run them all as braves)

– 2 Rifle regiments

– 2 jugger regiments

– 2 wild runner troops (although I have millions of spare cav, so think might turn into 2 regiments as well)

– 4 troops of stalwarts

– 2 aeronaught regiments

– 2 EJ Grenadier regiments

– 2 Generals on winged aralez

– 2 volley guns (But I’ve magnetised the base to swap between howitzer and volley gun barrel)

– Mounted sauceror

– Sauceror on foot

– Muster captain on aralez

– Sargent with the banner of hodenburg

– Iron beast

– Harvester

So no short order…. See what I did there…

So what theme am I going with? Well from seeing all the release material from mantic, I really love the rolling hills, green fields and cobble stone roads. I’m attempting a kind of shire defense theme, where the halfling villages are being mustered to defend there homeland.

As for colour, I’m going for a red/yellow/brown mix, I want my pop colour to be red and I want the rest to compliment. I spend a bit of time staring at the old empire states colours and originally wanted to go for an aldorf theme or hochland, however one theme would make the army look like Santa’s helpers and well, I painted enough blue on my last army so I needed a rest. Now that I have completed some units I do get a very Gryffindor vibe from it however

1. I’m a massive harry potter fan so it work for me

2. I feel the colours really compliment each other well and the minis aren’t lost amongst the basing.

So where am I at?

Well I’ve managed 3 regiments of braves so far, I’ve based the spears so they can form up into a horde if I need.

I’ve finished 1 troop of wild runners – I’ve tried to make it look like my cav are charging down rolling hills, and this troop was my test piece for it. The pre-moulded base on the bottom of the aralez feet is going to be a challenge for me. I’ve managed to clip them as short as possible and use strategic tufting to hide what I couldn’t.

Lastly I had a bit of fun with flicker LED’s and went for a bombing run feel for my aeronaughts

Next up is my banner of Hodenburg, its my only non-mantic model in the army as mantic haven’t made a standard bearer (yet…. There is still time Ronnie!), I’m also working on one of the volley guns, and engineer.

I’ve got plenty built, primed and ready to go, so I’ll most likely work on some spears again after these are done, and start on some more bases.

Here is a pic of my jugger bases, however I’ll most likely add some trees and potentially a fence in the lower half of one

(not really sure why I based up some troops? maybe I was testing something… I might use these for rifles if I have spare minis.

I’ll check back in July to see how I’m going, as for now I look forward to seeing what you are all working on,

Cheers Dave.

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