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Nationwide Slow Grow Month 2

The slow grow is bullocking along, check out the progress photos from Month 2!

Let’s do a Nationwide Slow Grow

Do you want to win a $500 Mantic Voucher? Well read on! Credits to Mat Sellick for our video!


We want to see the game of Kings of War keep growing in Australia. It is a rule set that is only getting better and we want to see buying and playing with Mantic armies reflect that! Especially as their quality continues to increase. This is an effort driven by passionate community members NOT by Mantic.

Check out the PDF document here


February 1 2023 – October 31 2023


Build a 2300 point Mantic Army – greater than 90% Mantic based on model count using army criteria from Clash of Kings Australia – can check the pack out here. Conversions will count if a substantial/key portion of the model is Mantic based

For 2024 Clash of Kings Australia will be changed to 2300 points to allow you to bring it along


Major Prize: $500AUD Mantic Voucher – Drawn by Raffle

Monthly Prize: a resin printed themed piece of terrain or multi basing kit to match your slow grow army posted to you – drawn by raffle

Best army – voted by you from armies that match the Clash criteria and are completed within the time frame. Voted on Facebook. Your army photos will be displayed as banner images and a stand along page on the Kings of War Australia website and you will get a tabled of themed terrain

How to Participate

      1. Be living and gaming in Australia
      2. Follow posts on KoW Australia Facebook page created by Matt, there will be one each week – each week you post progress you get one entry
      3. Each unit completed (painted and based) gets a bonus entry. An individual character can count (max 4 for points)
      4. Hordes of infantry get a bonus entry
      5. Completed unit at PMC gets another bonus entry (in addition to completed unit bonus)
      6. If you do full model account you will get 2 bonus entries (instead of one)
      7. Finish 1000 points by June 14 and get 3 extra entries
      8. Finish 2300 by the end date and get 5 extra entries. The 2300 must be a playable legal force
      9. Each month a random draw will occur for the monthly prize (cannot win twice)
    For those of you non-Facebook users you can always contact by the website but at the moment Facebook remains the most popular communication platform and as a volunteer project I won’t be extending entries to submission via other platforms.

    Halfling hobby update #3

    Hi all, Dave here with another update on my halfling force, I know its been a while since my last post but progress has been slow so I figured I’d wait till a had a few more units done to report in.

    First up was yet another unit of braves/spears which takes me to 4 in total (only one to go).

    I went for a slight hill in my basing to try and link into the rolling hills theme i’ll use for my cav.

    Next up was the battle pig… I mean iron beast, this thing takes some painting but i’m pretty happy with how it turned out. The challenge with this one was to make it pop considering it’s pretty much just all metal, so I went for some war paint to tie in with the shields on my troops and balloons on my aeronaughts.

    I managed to finish one of my favorite units rule wise next, the lawn mower…. I mean harvester. I actually remember to take some WIP pics along the way so I threw them in too.

    I decided to tick off a hero option next and worked through what I had primed and ready to go so this mounted sauceror got some paint, and i’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

    I finished up August ( I know I still have a few days left) with a troop of stalwarts. I’m working on four troops that I can link together to form a horde.

    I only have 1 regiment of spears left and 2 heroes primed and ready for paint, so it’s time to start assembling more. I’ll aim to get my EJs done in September and probably greedy guts and my feast master.

    Thanks for reading, hope you’ve enjoyed.


    Rise of the Ginger Halflings – Part 2 (June)

    It’s time to get this red show on the road. I discussed my colour scheme etc in part 1 here

    My first two paint items are coming out of the Mantic Mega Army Halfling box. First things first I wanted to get a unit of infantry to get some unlocks going down. I believe that one of the best units in the army are the braves. Therefore I am going to paint up enough to make a regiment at PMC, or should I do MMC. What’s more acceptable do you think?

    Just jokes. I don’t give a damn what you think, but I have done PMC anyway. If I fit them on I fit them on

    Yes I am aware these aren’t fantastic pictures. Thank you for pointing that out. These were a real pleasure to paint. I love the character on the models.

    As I mentioned in Part 1 I was using the new Army Painter quick paints. It went on so easily. Looking back now there a couple of tiny white spots. What I am not sure about is is this where paint slid off when I was painting or has it flaked off after the fact? I will have to keep an eye on this in the future.

    One thing I haven’t enjoyed is not being able to build more of these hand weapon and shield guys. I even have a couple with one arm, but I guess that’s what makes them “Brave” right?

    Next up is the Iron Beast, for no other reason than I wanted to.

    Now this is a cracking model and quite simple to paint. As many of you may be aware none of the brands of quick paints to metallics. This is army painter’s grey highlighted with Vallejo silver and I think it has come up reasonably well. The pink is probably not quite as bright as I’d like but that is partly the lighting also.

    The iron beast really lend itself to the quick paints as the detail is just the right level. The larger flat areas aren’t that large or flat so it goes on quite well. A quick highlight also helps break this up.

    Anyway this is what I completed this month, obviously no basing yet but it ill get there

    Halfling hobby update – July

    Hi Dave here again, i’m back for another update to cover off on what I finished over the last month.

    So its been a bit under a month since my first update but I’m happy with my progress so far.

    Starting off I managed to complete this war machine team, I magnetized the barrel so I can swap between howitzer and volley gun. (or more likely just never use it)

    Next up I completed the only non mantic mini I’ll use in my army, the sergeant with the banner of Hodenburg. Hoden in german translates to testicle so I did my best to free hand a sneaky cock and balls on the back. The mini is from TTCombat

    For my mounted muster captain on aralez I wanted to mix in a bit of height, maybe too much height…. I was super nervous chopping off the base but it came of relatively easily, I used 2mm brass rod to give it height, and stuck some penny washers in the base under the foam hill for weight. Lastly filled in the base with braves to make it look like the captain is charging over the battle line into combat.

    To finish off the month I completed this engineer, it was super quick and super fun to paint.

    I also snuck in this ice blade for an up coming tournament.

    In other unrelated news I finished a backdrop for some scenic photos and recently picked up a battle mat so I decided to set up some scenic photos for my army. Here is what I have finished to date. I’ve gotta get some diffusers or something for better lighting, and also probably use something better then a samsung phone, but I promise the end of army pics will be much better. (please if you have any tips for getting good army shots let me know)

    Up next on the paint table its back to the grind of infantry. I’ll finished another regiment of spears, paint the iron beast and then hopefully get a regiment of juggers completed as well. I’ve already made the base for them but it needs some finishing touches once I get the minis stuck on, I’m attempting to make it look like my juggers are charging down the hill into battle.

    Like always, if you want to know any paint or materials I use, or just have questions in general, just let me know.

    Anyways, thanks for reading


    Rise of the Ginger Halflings – Part 1

    Well it’s June and it’s the start of the Counter Charge Mantic Army Challenge. If you don’t know about the challenge listen to what we are doing by clicking here and downloading.

    I have chosen to start getting the halflings going and what I am starting with is the Halfling Mega Army Box available from Mantic Games here.

    For you regular listeners you will know that I am very lucky to have accessible child labour to do my assembling, so I have the whole box assembled and ready to go!

    What I Like:

    I really love the character of the halfling models. The faces are detailed enough to see expressions but not so detailed or small making them too difficult to paint. I really like that there are options for 3 of the four main infantry types, namely braves, spears and rifles.

    I don’t mind the mixed sprue of cav and infantry although I do feel the split is slightly off for the current ruleset with the cavalry not being my first choice unit. However you never know how this may change with future rules updates.

    I love the halfling iron beast. such a great model, mind came in a perfect single piece (reportedly related to the league of infamy kickstarter) and it has a lot of character with the two chefs on top. I’m looking forward to painting that one.

    The characters. The sauceror, greedy guts, feast master and engineer are all cool.

    What I dislike:

    Not enough options to build your units in the majority one way. For example I would’ve loved half of the 60 to be braves but I can’t do that.

    No mounted characters. With the amount of mounted options in the box I would’ve loved a mounted character option.

    The thick terrain piece like attachment point on the cavalry. At this point it’s well known that a major drawing point is the visual appear of multibasing. Having the thick attachment pieces to go on the base is overall less appealing and requires some work around on your basing.

    How am I going to about painting these bad boys and girls?

    Well for starters I purchased myself the new speed paints complete set from army painter which I reckon is pretty good value. Check it out here

    My main base colours are going to be:

    • Hive Dweller Purple for pants
    • Purple Alchemy (tends towards pink) for shirts
    • Dark Wood for wood
    • Hardened Leather for light armer and boots etc
    • Crusader Skin for skin
    • Fire giant orange for hair

    I will then highlight up with vallejo paints with a quick highlight. Going on the model the purple alchemy does still have a lot of purple tone so it really needs the highlight to make it pink.

    Below is a quick test which the quickshade paints made super easy to test with.

    Bases I will be doing quite bare but using some resin multibase pieces. I’ll save that for a later blog!

    Hope you enjoyed.


    Dave’s halfling hobby challenge

    Hey Dave here again,

    With all this hobby talk going around I figured it was about time I ticketed off one of my long-time goals, blog a hobby project. So I figure I’ll aim for monthly update of how the project is coming along, what I’m working on and what I’ve managed to complete. It coincides really well with counter charge’s all mantic army challenge however I managed to start a little early, but lucky (or not for me) I have a bucket load of minis to paint.

    You can check out the hobby challenge on the Counter Charge Facebook page.

    Since really falling in love with kings, I’ve been wanted to do an all-mantic army and when I first heard mantic were releasing halflings I knew I was all in.

    ( actual footage of me, when i saw mantic’s halfling release)

    So what’s my plan?

    I’m running with the rule of 2, which is buy 2 boxes of everything. And I’ve come close to that.

    I want options once my army is complete so I’m looking for around 3000pts before I’m calling it done. I’ve been testing pretty heavily with Matt Croger and some other friends over UB2 and I think I’ll go with the following options to start

    – 5 regiments of braves/spikes ( I’ve modelled up more spears then hand weapons as I like the spear look, however I’ll most likely run them all as braves)

    – 2 Rifle regiments

    – 2 jugger regiments

    – 2 wild runner troops (although I have millions of spare cav, so think might turn into 2 regiments as well)

    – 4 troops of stalwarts

    – 2 aeronaught regiments

    – 2 EJ Grenadier regiments

    – 2 Generals on winged aralez

    – 2 volley guns (But I’ve magnetised the base to swap between howitzer and volley gun barrel)

    – Mounted sauceror

    – Sauceror on foot

    – Muster captain on aralez

    – Sargent with the banner of hodenburg

    – Iron beast

    – Harvester

    So no short order…. See what I did there…

    So what theme am I going with? Well from seeing all the release material from mantic, I really love the rolling hills, green fields and cobble stone roads. I’m attempting a kind of shire defense theme, where the halfling villages are being mustered to defend there homeland.

    As for colour, I’m going for a red/yellow/brown mix, I want my pop colour to be red and I want the rest to compliment. I spend a bit of time staring at the old empire states colours and originally wanted to go for an aldorf theme or hochland, however one theme would make the army look like Santa’s helpers and well, I painted enough blue on my last army so I needed a rest. Now that I have completed some units I do get a very Gryffindor vibe from it however

    1. I’m a massive harry potter fan so it work for me

    2. I feel the colours really compliment each other well and the minis aren’t lost amongst the basing.

    So where am I at?

    Well I’ve managed 3 regiments of braves so far, I’ve based the spears so they can form up into a horde if I need.

    I’ve finished 1 troop of wild runners – I’ve tried to make it look like my cav are charging down rolling hills, and this troop was my test piece for it. The pre-moulded base on the bottom of the aralez feet is going to be a challenge for me. I’ve managed to clip them as short as possible and use strategic tufting to hide what I couldn’t.

    Lastly I had a bit of fun with flicker LED’s and went for a bombing run feel for my aeronaughts

    Next up is my banner of Hodenburg, its my only non-mantic model in the army as mantic haven’t made a standard bearer (yet…. There is still time Ronnie!), I’m also working on one of the volley guns, and engineer.

    I’ve got plenty built, primed and ready to go, so I’ll most likely work on some spears again after these are done, and start on some more bases.

    Here is a pic of my jugger bases, however I’ll most likely add some trees and potentially a fence in the lower half of one

    (not really sure why I based up some troops? maybe I was testing something… I might use these for rifles if I have spare minis.

    I’ll check back in July to see how I’m going, as for now I look forward to seeing what you are all working on,

    Cheers Dave.

    What I’ve learnt so far

    Hey Dave here, I’m a bit of a rookie when it comes to kings, so I have been doing some bat reps with Matt Croger to help me develop my game. Going into clash of kings Australia I think I had less then 15 games of kings total, but since meeting a few people I’ve managed to get a heap of UB in and thought It might be worth blogging out a few big take aways from what I’ve learn so far –

    Get past the idea that you need to kill everything

    Unit strength matters a lot, and when i shifted my focus away from taking charges to kill stuff and looked more at making sure my main units (and coincidently a lot of my US) were where I needed them for late game I started fairing a lot better, I think perhaps a nice coincidence of be playing a halfling list with not a lot of hitting power has made me focus even further on my positioning and less on killing Matt’s armies

    You can’t charge what you can’t place

    This carries on from my last point, positioning is everything in this game, and the wizards of KoW have it down to a fine art. Angling units to protect flanks, or prevent facings is just such an pivotal part of the game. PBE (play by email, is a correspondence way of playing kings) is awesome in the fact that you have all the time in the world for your turn, and with a few clicks you can see what’s in arc and what’s out…. I haven’t had too many in person games since January, so going into a tournament in July we will see if the last few months has made me sharper or softer when it comes to seeing angles and arcs.

    Do the math, or get a wound calculator

    Initially in KoW I made a lot of silly charges, over estimating how much damage I expect units to do or what I thought I unit could hold up against (and sometime still do). I started using a wound calculator to give me the average result and its helped shift my focus on what’s realistic when it comes to game state, for example, how many turns I think my units will take to break a unit, or how long a unit of mine will last before its gone, and what can I move to make the next few turns more favourable for me.

    Use terrain – I need to get better at this, but really I needed to understand what people were saying.

    So its one of my more recent developments, I kept hearing “use terrain” and I’m thinking, “I’ve got all my guys just sitting in the forest, I cant fit any more in I don’t know what your talking about”, or “I’m on this hill, I’m ready to charge. What else could you mean?” well it turns out they meant block LOS with terrain….

    So yeah, when you read ‘use terrain’ they mean, ‘block LOS with terrain, and force hindered charges with terrain’ and considering one of the first rules of KoW is you cant charge what you cant see, using terrain to block LOS goes a long way to increasing a units survivability into late game until you really need it.

    Good players limit their opponent’s options to bad ones.

    As games flow on, you and your opponent both have a series of decisions to make in an attempt to execute your game plans. The really good opponents (and I mean better then Matt) limit their options to bad ones, and before you know it you’re cooked. Its stuff like little positional changes, or keeping units just projecting threat in the middle, but also moving up 2 or so units in a pair so you cant really charge it without opening up a flank or corkscrew. It’s the kinda stuff you can’t really stop and it is shutting down your options slowly, so before you know it, you can just sit and be charged or take the unfavorable charge and either option sucks.

    (also, if anyone has some hot tips for defending against this please let me know)

    Try and think a turn ahead.

    This kinda piggybacks from the last point, PBE is awesome in that you have all the time in the world for you turn. You can think about your move options, (get smart with a wound calculator and have a think about what units will still be alive) and then start to think about what your opponent will do, and how you can best apply pressure to get the best game state. Quiet often I’ve run through just about every scenario I can in my head to see what outcome will make the next turn more favorable for me. If you can get in your opponents head and try and predict where they will go next (think back to limiting their options) you can take your game to the next level. The biggest challenge I’ll face with this is taking it to the table top. I’m sure I’ll clock out turn 2 if I try and big brain my games to this level.

    Some armies are more forgiving.

    I don’t think this is ground breaking science here, but some armies really do seem (to me anyways) more forgiving then others, and too that fact, I don’t know why I am drawn to the finesse armies that need to be wielded like a scalpel not a hammer? I’m sure it’s a matter of some armies simply having more options, or maybe I just seem to get really bad match ups? As much as I really enjoy the idea of sylvan kin, and halflings, I really haven’t mastered at all how to best use them with the precision they require, especially against higher def armies.

    But the real bonus of UB here is the opportunity for variety you have at your disposal. You can sub in what ever units, or armies you want to mix and match and play around to try and find your sweet spot, I know I have a lot more work to go in this department, however so far I’ve worked through nearly every unit in the halfling list so I can focus on building what I enjoy playing with before I spend the time and effort hobbying away for many months.

    PBE is a slippery slope (the importance of sustainable gaming)

    I think this is probably the trap I get myself into. There is no limit to how many games you can have on the go at once, you can test lists all day long. There is a price to pay with this however, and for me its my ability to actually concentrate on what I’m doing and focus on my plans. I remember one night, where I deployed three different games at the same time, (just had multiple browsers open) and tested out my list again three opponents, It was a nightmare… I couldn’t remember each list to the detail I need when trying to be competitive, I rushed myself into getting all three turns in a night to keep the game flowing and in the end I was just moving units and getting crushed with no real chance of ever winning. In the end I think I only made turn 6 in one of the games and I didn’t really give my opponents the challenge they deserved. However I did learn one important thing about myself. I really don’t perform under pressure and I need time to focus on my game plan, my opponents list and the board state to really stand a chance of winning.

    I know some people out there are true wizards of cognitive ability and can switch on and off between games but I am not. As soon as I get more then one game on the go my concentration rapidly declines and so does my enjoyment, I only get so much free time for hobby a week so Its important that I enjoy it all, so a little UB and a little hobby for me is the right mix.

    Anyways that’s all I have, thanks heaps if you have read this far. A lot of the reason I’m doing all these is it helps learn and get better, so on that If you have any feedback, or you think you have the silver bullet I really need to crush Matt in our next game please let me know I’d love you hear from you.

    Cheers, Dave

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