Welcome to the Blackjack Tournament System for Kings of War

The purpose of the Tournament System is to simplify running tournaments for TOs, providing as much relevant material as possible for them, as well as providing material to ease the experience of players. The initial driver for the system was the scoring mechanisms, but the system has developed into so much more since that inception. Current tournament scoring systems either do not provide enough distinction between matches (W/L/D), or feature swings that are perhaps too wild (20-0 system). In the 20-0 system it is common for very close games that were decided on a single dice roll to end up with scores of 18-2, which is not an accurate reflection of how close the overall game was.



This document contains score modifiers for all the scenarios and for a range of point values (1000pt – 2500pt games, just choose the closest relevant matrix). It is intended to assist TOs in preparing their tournament handouts.

Updated December 2023 for new scenarios including ambush.


We have created Play Sheets for each of the 12 Scenarios. These sheets give all the required information for a given Scenario. There is also a Scoring grid to help players score their round. The sheets are designed so that the TO’s can easily select the Scenarios they want, and update the relevant sections (Red
Font), such as Tournament Name, Correct Scoring Matrix, number of Objectives, Start times, etc., and then simply print off as packs for their players.


We have created Maps that can be used for a TO’s event. These Maps give all the required information for terrain, and its effects. The Maps are designed so that the TOs can easily update the relevant sections such as Tournament Name and Logos, Terrain Heights, etc.